Excursion in Munich organised by National Centre of Robotics

Apr 18, 2017 |

On 12th and 13th April, students of FEI STU under the patronate of NCR visited company SENSODRIVE GmbH, TU Munchen, and Deutches Museum in Munich. In the company SENSDORIVE GmbH they saw many interesting products especially from the area of robotics, drive control, and sensors. National Centre of Robotics was introduced to the company directors and in return they presented their company to the students. Impressions from this visit were very positive on both sides and it is clear that actually solved diploma thesis (Development of a demo application using SENSO-SCARA, VIBROTAC and SENSO rotary table) lead by the company is not the last one. Excursion then continued to TU Munchen (Technical university Munich), where the students were impressed by water slide placed directly in the interior space of university. We found that our academic programs are not different from those of German. Ending of excursion consisted of Deutches Museum’s visitation. A big thank you for helping with excursion goes to Marek Polák from company SENSODRIVE.










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