Work with us

robotic-handshake-300x211Cooperation with private companies or another research institutes and universities is important part and role of National Centre of Robotics. Such opportunities emerge and develop technologies and knowledge in robotics, and at the same time various tasks on higher level can be solved. Therefore, National Centre of Robotics offers wide scale of cooperation forms with potential partners. Each of these forms is specific and  it brings various benefits for the partner.

We offer these possibilities of cooperation to our partners:

  1. Sponsor
    • description: contribution to the development of the National Centre of Robotics in the form of financial or material donation
    • benefits for the partner: wide media coverage, advertising at events with the participation of NCR, everyday encounters of the future faculty’s graduates  with the symbol of the sponsor
  2. Research project
    • description: setting up research projects in national (VEGA, APVV, VA, DSV) or international (H2020) grant schemes
    • benefits for the partner: greater compatibility with the grant scheme, opportunity to obtain funds for material equipment and financial rewards for partner’s staff
  3. Students’ works
    • description: bachelor and diploma thesis based on the partner requirements assigned for students in study programs Robotics and cybernetics (B.Sc.) and Robotics (Ms.C.)
    • benefits for the partner: innovative solutions, training of potential employees
  4. Memorandum of cooperation
    • description: document, which creates other opportunities for mutual cooperation and development of robotics in Slovakia
    • benefits for the partner: specified in this document by mutual agreement

We offer to our partners these services:

  1. Research & Innovation
    – A joint R&D project in robotics area; New and innovative solutions of technical problem
  2. Potential employees’ internship
    – Offer students for the company internship; Potential new employee already experienced with the company
  3. Promotion
    – Including the company into the frame of our robotics actions; Possibility to show the potential of company to new customers, to students (future employees), etc.
  4. Educational activities and mentoring
    – Courses for improving the knowledge of latest technologies; Improving the knowledge of the employees
  5. Networking support
    – New connections with the companies in the sector; New business possibilities
  6. Design of production lines
    – Conceptualization of line design in accordance with customer requirements; Effective production line
  7. Robotic cell safety
    – Evaluation of robotic cells safety by official authority; Robotic cells designed in accordance with ISO standards