Our objectives

  1. Targeted research in the field of robotics, especially in the field of mobile and service robotics, industrial robotics and medical robotics.
  2. Support of the students in development of robotic applications.
  3. Create own robotic systems capable of deployment in various sectors of the economy and human activity.
  4. Promotion of robotics and in general also the science and technology for the professional public.
  5. Organization of events (conferences, competitions, etc.) focused on robotics.
  6. Building and development of robotic centre within the area of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Ilkovičova 3, Bratislava).
  7. Support of the educational activities, which assist the students and professional community in developing their skills and knowledge in the field of robotics.
  8. Establishing cooperation with companies, organizations and personalities working in robotics.
  9. Participation in projects funded by the European Union, Slovakian ministries or other bodies focused on educational development and support.
  10. Raising the level of education by the implementation of training courses and other educational activities.
  11. Acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in robotics.
  12. Formation of personality with positive moral qualities and will power.