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Members of the National Centre of Robotics contributed to the IZVAR project

Jan 16, 2023 |

Members of the National Centre of Robotics participated in achieving unique results in robotic welding of highly variable and small-batch production in the IZVAR project. The project was implemented by VÚEZ a.s. and the Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of STU in Bratislava. You can see … read more

Robotic engraving of any shape

Jan 12, 2022 |

As part of the results of the IZVAR project, a solution was created in our laboratories enabling engraving of any shape, inscription, or image on any product. Of course, the solution is limited by the physical capabilities of the engraving machine. However, it allows use in full 3D space. You can find more details about … read more

Robotic engraving of workpieces realized in NCR

Oct 1, 2020 |

Within the solution of the project Robotic Workplace for Intelligent Welding of Small-Volume Production (IZVAR), a unique solution is being created in the laboratories of the National Robotics Center under the leadership of MSc. Michal Adamík. The project is implemented in cooperation with the company VUEZ a.s. The aim is to create a universal robotic … read more