Kindergartens visiting NCR

May 25, 2022 |

On May 23, 2022, kindergartens from Funbridge Cambridge Kindergarten visited us. We showed them some robotic systems in the NCR laboratories, and the explanation was in English. The children were very happy, they also sent us a greeting (see below). We are glad that we were able to support the interest in robotics at such … read more

Images created by a robot

Mar 22, 2022 |

As part of his development and research, Michal Adamík developed a unique application of robotic drawings. The robot is able to create precise shades with graphite solid using genetic algorithms. Images can be purchased through the Digital Innovation Hub Science City –

Results of the IZVAR project

Feb 23, 2022 |

Members of the National Centre of Robotics actively participated in the implementation of the IZVAR project with company VÚEZ a.s. The result of the project is a highly adaptive robotic welding cell, which can also be used in small-batch and highly variable production. The whole concept, therefore, implements the transition from “low mix / high … read more

Robotic engraving of any shape

Jan 12, 2022 |

As part of the results of the IZVAR project, a solution was created in our laboratories enabling engraving of any shape, inscription, or image on any product. Of course, the solution is limited by the physical capabilities of the engraving machine. However, it allows use in full 3D space. You can find more details about … read more

Crane control and students’ work

Dec 9, 2021 |

Most members of the National Centre of Robotics work as teachers at universities. It is also possible to explain the control principles in systems other than the robot. One such system is a crane. NCR member Ľuboš Chovanec presents such control to students at the time of COVID in an entertaining way. More in the … read more

Robot drawing using genetic algorithms

Nov 9, 2021 |

As part of his dissertation, Michal Adamík led research focused on the use of machine learning technologies in robot control. His team used genetic algorithms to optimize robot control. The application itself is focused on the use of the robotic arm in the creation of artistic images. More in the video below.

Robotic weekend in Patince

Aug 31, 2021 |

Like every year, the members of the National Robotics Center helped to create an interesting program for the Robotics Weekend organized by the Wellness Hotel Patince. As part of the program, we demonstrated to young people flying drones, a compliant robotic manipulator IIWA, a powerball robotic arm from Schunk, drawing with a robot, using the … read more

The National Centre of Robotics supported the Road2FEI competition

May 5, 2021 |

Road2FEI is a robotic competition for high school and elementary school students. The goal is to create an autonomous robot that will be able to follow the specified path. The president of the National Centre of Robotics – František Duchoň – took over the patronage of the competition. You can learn more about the competition … read more

Cooperation with Stäubli

Apr 27, 2021 |

The National Centre of Roboticscooperates intensively with private companies. At present, the end effector exchanger for industrial robots from Stäubli have been acquired by the National Robotics Center. The exchanger has coupled with the ABB IRB 4600 robot, and the following end effectors are used: a gripper from Schunk, a drawing pen and a Bernoulli … read more

Apr 22, 2021 |

In recent days, we have significantly strengthened our cooperation with the digital innovation hub PARA (Professional Association of Robotics and Automation) based in Bulgaria. You can learn more in the article: https: / / You can watch the first of the meetings between the two organizations here: