National Centre of Robotics soon in Nové Zámky

Sep 5, 2016 |

National Centre of Robotics become a part of National centre for research of specific composites, which is based in Nové Zámky. The main role of National Centre of Robotics is the research in large scale 3D printing by robotic systems. Submitted project in the form of new industrial R&D centre for automotive industry has main objective in the usage of hempen fibres as composite material. Research of the new centre is charaterized in these areas:

  1. chemico-physical properties of biofibres
  2. chemico-physical properties of specific composites
  3. testing of available technologies for biofibres processing as the basis for the production of composite materials
  4. production of biofibres for the production of composite materials
  5. testing of technologies for the application of specific composites and consequent utilization in various types of industry
  6. testing of chemical and mechanical properties of specific composite materials
  7. large scale 3D printing by robotic systems

Project of the centre is consistent with the area of economic specialization RIS3 SK 2016-2023.

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