National Centre of Robotics cooperates on the development of aquaponic farm

Jan 7, 2020 | | Sticky post

Members of the detached workplace of the National Robotics Center led by doc. Vachálek are involved in the development of the aquaponic farm Přáslavice in cooperation with Flenexa s.r.o. The concept is called Aquaponic Farm 4.0 and its more recent modification, Urban Farm 4.0. The concept seeks to tie fish farming and plant cultivation suitable for deployment in urban or peri-urban areas. The whole idea is to create a small local vegetable and fish farm that is simple, easy to operate and feasible in a wide range of locations.

The tasks of our members are to design and implement an intelligent monitoring system for aquaponic farms, a control system, an alarm system and the integration of intelligent industrial camera systems with AI elements for monitoring fish behavior and their parameters.

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