Our results

Robot as a lab assistant

Building house by a robot

Game Rock-Paper-Scissors against computer

Portraiture by robot ABB IRB 120

Autonomous navigation of robot YouBot in ROS environment

Registration video of team MRVK on competition Robotour 2017

Simulation of SCARA robot and rotary table in ROS (cooperation with Sensodrive GmbH)

Innovative interface between robot and human(HRI)

Autonomous gripping of components with KR-16 controlled by ROS

Experimental verification of pneumatic grippers (Bernoulli gripping)

Communication between KR-16 robot and ROS by ethernet KRL interface

Detection of sidewalk for autonomous navigation of a mobile robot used in external environment

Simulation of navigation on the OpenStreet Map in ROS

Drawing with robot IRB120

Control of LWA4P in ROS

Homogennous multi-agent system for the environment mapping (iRobot Create)

Robot MRVK implemented under ROS

Robot IRB-4600 controlled by human gestures, which are detected by sensor Kinect

Hybrid chassis (segway-dicycle) with unique control method