NCR started to solve project Intelligent mobile assistants in SMART FACTORY

Sep 20, 2017 |

NCR is a partner of project Intelligent mobile assistants in SMART FACTORY, which aim is to integrate existing partial solutions and also to develop new, innovative solutions in areas of automated control, robotics, simulations, visualization, cloud solutions and safety of humans in cooperation with machines. Project is co-funded by European Regional Development Fund. Recipient is … read more

News from National Centre of Robotics

Sep 11, 2017 |

National Centre of Robotics was active also during the summer. In Auguste we had applied some changes in our statut, you can read it in section Documents. Moreover, KR-6 Agilus was added into our equipment. This robot is used for a research of fast gripping. This research is coordinated by company Symartech.

Our registration video for Robotour 2017

Aug 3, 2017 |

You can find registraion video of team MRVK below. The team is preparing the robot under the leadership of František Duchoň and it will compete with this robot in the competetion Robotour 2017 in Žilina. Members of the team are Miroslav Kohút, Michal Dobiš, Matej Bartošovič, Adam Sojka, Adam Trizuljak, Lukáš Surovčík and Marian Kľúčik. … read more

New hexacopter in equipment

Jul 25, 2017 |

In cooperation with company Matador, specifically Matador Foundation, we have obtained hexacopter Yuneec Typhoon H Advance. Dron is equipped with controller ST16 with touch 7 ” display, 360 ° gimbal with kamera CGO3 + in resolution 4K and 12Mpx photo. Dron is also equipped with anti-collision system based on ultrasound sensors. Dron will be used … read more

News from the National Centre of Robotics

Jun 20, 2017 |

In the Documents, you can find all the documents concerning with our activities. We are happy to announce that we will take a part in the project Inteligent mobile assistents in SMART FACTORY, which will be solved under the SF of EU. From this reason we needed to enter a Register of public sector partners … read more

National Centre of Robotics is really national

Jun 7, 2017 |

Today was a meeting day with some private companies due to solving of research projects. That is why National Centre of Robotics was visited by Ing. Alexander Varga (CEO MicroStep), Ing. Juraj Čapek (director of Industrial Automation, Matador Industries), and Ing. Ján Žižka, PhD. (CEO Photoneo). We believe that transfer of technology from the universities … read more

Excursion in Munich organised by National Centre of Robotics

Apr 18, 2017 |

On 12th and 13th April, students of FEI STU under the patronate of NCR visited company SENSODRIVE GmbH, TU Munchen, and Deutches Museum in Munich. In the company SENSDORIVE GmbH they saw many interesting products especially from the area of robotics, drive control, and sensors. National Centre of Robotics was introduced to the company directors … read more

Another rare visitor in NCR

Mar 30, 2017 |

On 29th March NCR was visited by Miloš Koterec, that is diplomatic advisor of vice prime minister for investment and informatization. The discussion was focused on actual trends in industrial manufacturing and robotics especially with the regards on German concept Industrie 4.0. Of course there were also discussions about the state of Slovak education system. … read more

Visiting Prisma Lab

Mar 10, 2017 |

President of National Centre of Robotics Frantisek Duchon and head of European Composite Holding ( Marek Poročák have visited on 6th Match 2017 unique robot laboratory Prisma Lab, which is under lead of prof. Bruno Siciliano. Meeting was very inspiring and we hope that this is only the begining of mutual cooperation.

We reconstruct additional laboratories

Feb 28, 2017 |

Considering the activities in current spaces of NCR we and Faculty of electrical engineering and information technology decided to expand our space by another laboratories. First laboratory (see pictures below) is focused on research in mobile and service robotics. Original spaces will therefore be used specifically for industrial robotics. Second laboratory is Laboratory of automated … read more