The future of drone technology – autonomous flight

Jan 31, 2024 |

What will the future of drone technology look like? It will be fully autonomous. Also with the support of the National Centre of Robotics, research into the autonomous flight of micro UAV systems is carried out within the Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics. In his dissertation, Filip Štec demonstrates using such a system for exploring … read more

We supported young Slovak talents in robotics

Nov 15, 2023 |

The National Centre of Robotics financially supported the Robotgirls team, which represented Slovakia at the World Olympics in Panama from November 7 to 9. Out of 82 teams from around the world, the Robotgirls team was ranked 51st. Congratulations to them! Below you can find some photos from the competition.

Ultrasound therapy of soft tissue of the knee using a robot

Sep 22, 2023 |

Another successful student work was created under the leadership of a NCR member – Ing. Ľuboš Chovanac, Ph.D. The work is devoted to ultrasound therapy of the soft tissue of the knee. Traditional ultrasound therapy, which has beneficial effects, for example, on the regeneration of damaged tissues, is performed manually by therapeutic staff in a … read more

Rehabilitation of the lower limbs with the KUKA IIWA robot

Sep 4, 2023 |

Another successful student work was created on the premises of the National Centre of Robotics. The work was led by a member of the NCR – Ing. Ľuboš Chovanec, PhD. It is focused on robotic rehabilitation of the lower limbs, the KUKA IIWA robot was used. More in the video below. Conventional rehabilitation includes a … read more

This year at the Patince Robotics Weekend

Sep 4, 2023 |

Thanks to the Patince Wellness Hotel, we managed to organize a robot weekend again this year. The organized tour for hotel visitors included robotic arms UR-5, KUKA IIWA, SCHUNK LWA4P, KUKA YouBot mobile robots, Kobuki platforms, and various flying drones. It was also possible to try out the robots, get to know them and discuss … read more

We support young talents

Aug 16, 2023 |

With a financial donation of 300 EUR, we supported the Vozokany elementary school, whose teams were very successful at the Slovak World Robot Olympiad championships. More information about this competition here: The winning Robotgirls team will represent Slovakia at the world finals in Panama. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to support this team … read more

We received the ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Jul 20, 2023 |

The National Centre of Robotics is a holder of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate in Research and development in technical sciences and technologies since 4th July 2023. Based on the certification audit, it was proven that the management system meets the requirements of the mentioned standard.

We are looking for new reinforcements in AI and robotics

Apr 14, 2023 |

Our team is looking for new members. The offered position is for one year with the option of extension. We offer a €1,257 tariff salary, expected salary after training of €2,600. The final salary depends on the applicant’s experience and will be specified at the personal interview. We are looking for candidates with experience in … read more

Solutions for the digital transformation of the companies

Mar 28, 2023 |

The National Centre of Robotics is part of EDIH called EXPANDI 4.0. What specific services does this EDIH offer? What should small and medium-sized enterprises focus on today, and how can the government help them? These questions were also answered by our partners from the consortium, Michal Műhl, project manager of EXPANDI 4.0 and representative … read more

Slovakia is starting to fall behind in robotics

Feb 15, 2023 |

According to the latest statistics from the International Federation of Robotics, Slovakia can no longer be called a robotic superpower. Unfortunately, we fell out of the top twenty countries after a long time concerning the density of robots in the manufacturing industry (official IFR report). According to available data for Slovakia in 2021, 143 robots … read more