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Automatic detection and measurement of nose length in a point cloud

Nov 18, 2020 |

Students under our leadership participate in a research project focused on the detection and measurement of facial features for the diagnosis of respiratory diseases, especially within pediatric patients. The team led by prof. Duchoň is in charge of the automatic measurement of facial features and subsequent classification of symptoms of the disease based on these … read more

National Centre of Robotics is really national

Nov 30, 2018 |
zmluva o podpore vedy a vyskumu_Strana_1

One of the goals of National Centre of Robotics is to associate leading experts in the field of robotics under one roof. Therefore two memorandums of mutual cooperation were signed in last days. First is signed with Faculty of engineering STU and second is signed with Electrotechnical faculty ŽU. We are looking forward to our … read more

National Centre of Robotics is one of the leading research facilities of STU

Nov 22, 2016 |

Rectorage of Slovak University of Technology chose National Centre of Robotics as one of the leading research facilities of whole university. NCR found itself in promotional materials called Leading Research Facilities of STU. Poster about us and our research can be found below. popredne-vyskumne-pracoviska-stu-d2-fei-tlac