We support also the space technologies

Feb 27, 2020 | | Sticky post

One of our goals is to support students in the realization of their projects. Let us introduce interesting one. A group of students consisting of Matej Pavelka, Lubomir Matuga, Oliver Holly, Ladislav Kasha, Milan Gallo, and Bence Nagy created the concept of Space Printing Rover. The concept is based on experimental verification of the possibility of realizing 3D printing of solid structures from locally available materials and energy sources. By concentrating the solar energy from an area of ​​sufficient content, such as a fresnel lens, it is possible to melt the fine geological material and form solid structures. A device capable of such an operation could autonomously prepare a building material or part of the housing cover infrastructure on a distant cosmic object with a resulting mass several times the mass of the device. Students were also led by our member, prof. Ing. Petr Hubinský, PhD.

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